Sunday, June 15, 2014

Riding the Waves

6 days to spend on a beach island may sounds long but in fact it is not. Time was spent frolicking under the sun and strolling the long stretch of beach. I can't emphasize how beautiful it is because you simply have to experience it for yourself!! 

Boracay Day 3
Part 1.3

Half of the day was spent at another traveller's attraction - The Ariel's Point. It is a cliff overlooking the sea which 5 diving points for you to throw yourself in. 
Sounds intimating? 

We took a ferry to the cliff area which took about 30 - 45 mins. For more info on ticketing and the attraction, visit their website, Ariel's Point. I was very nervous about cliff-jumping because of the fear I had of not being strong enough to swim up. Nevertheless told myself to try it out. 

We're reaching!! Seems like a very forested area right? It feels like a big private party there with hammocks and the latest hits booming from the speakers. The ticket pricing includes free flow of beverages (beer included) and food. 

We walked through a small cave before reaching the peak of the cliff. The view was gorgeous of course. 

There was many Caucasian amongst the group and they were daredevils who were the first that did the cliff jump. We reckon that they have had similar experiences in their home town based on the movies.. true?
It was a playground with 5 diving areas - 1m, 3m, 5m, 10m & 15m. 

Apart from cliff jumping, canoeing and snorkelling is available too! It was my first time canoeing and I enjoyed it. Where else can do this sport??


This is where I stood after contemplating for many hours. The 3 metres mark. Didn't have the courage to jump from any higher points. Maybe the next trip, I'd pluck up my courage to do the (im)possible. 

To me, it was a feat for my first time. The buddies are truly #yoloadventurers who tried all the sites. Let the pictures below speak for themselves. B jumped from 3m, 5m and 10m. 

15m one is the wooden plank behind this 10m one. 

We left the cliff around 5pm, after about 5 hours of 'action'. It was a good time relaxing and reflecting on the trip. Sat through a rocky ride due to bad currents, and the towels that we used to cover ourselves were soaking wet when we got back.

Here's our first and only group jump-shot. It was perfect angle and scenery. The sun was setting, the tide was low and the atmosphere was just right. 

Enjoyed a simple and quiet night after an afternoon of wildness. 

Boracay Day 4 
Part 1.4

On the middle of the trip, I felt somewhat bored because we did most water sports except those that we tried before and didn't want to pay a high price for (i.e: banana boat and parasailing). 
To kill time, we went around looking for other activities to do - ended up with Go Kart & scuba diving plans (for next day)

Reached back to Station 1 around late afternoon and enjoyed street snacks and enjoyed the sunset. It is a joy to see him happy. You'll realise that happiness is one of the most importance factor in life once you grow older.

Experienced Boracay night life as well! Night time can be quite happening. Feels quite shiok if you stay at Boracay, everyday is like Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat!!! 

Four of us shared a bottle of hard liquor. So much fun with games that I lost myself. 

Love living the life that I missed. There's unlimited things that I can do but have never tried.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bring it on Boracay

2.07am on a Saturday midnight. Had a long weekday the past two days and finally can take a breather this weekend, especially that B is away.

Boracay Day 2
Part 1.2

It has been 2 months since I visited the island. Memories are vivid with the help of pictures.
That faithful morning, we packed up and left the inn. Excitement filled us because we couldn't wait to get to a better hotel by the beautiful White Beach.

Our home for the remaining nights was Blue Lily Hotel. Per night costed us SGD$100++. Definitely can source for cheaper accommodation along the beach, but varies facilities (i.e: may charge for additional towels).

This place didn't have a proper reception - it was a desk placed outside. Breakfast was fine, so as to service. But make sure that you don't do henna, or they'll probably accuse you of staining the sheets.*
Coincidentally our room was on the ground level, convenient but can be awkward sometimes.
Imagine staying in a quarters like this. Step out and wriggle your toes in the fine sand, and absorb vitamin D from the glorious sunlight.

*p.s: hotels there have a policy to charge you quite a hefty sum if the linens/towels become stained.

The White Beach is probably known for the gradient colors of the sea. Wished we could take from a higher ground to show how beautiful this place is. I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK ALREADY!!!

Onto activities.. the usual beach and land games. We did most of the programs offered, but some were too expensive and not worth it. Bali/Batam will be cheaper.
Rates are charged according to season (i.e: rainy period cheaper & vice versa).

Here's an overview of what we did on Day 2 (half day):
- Snorkelling near Crocodile Island (shape like a crocodile, but none that I saw)
- Helmet Diving (15-30 mins)
- ATV up to Mount Luho (15-30mins)
- Go Kart (15 mins)
- Sunset Sailing (15 mins)

We bought a package plan except Go-Kart with recommendation from hotel. So its good to ask around before committing because some are middleman & may charge higher.


Here are our buds. Thanks for being part of this amazing trip!!

We geared up for snorkelling next. I'll always have a queasy feeling of going into the ocean. The tides were insane and fear of negative situations scares me. Panicking will make it 10 times worse. 

But the best thing of being in the water is a very comfortable feeling. 

Enjoyed the feeling of having couple holiday trip because taking shots were so easy and of course, "the more the merrier".
On hand was Mango Fruit Juice from Jonas Milkshake. It tasted lovely - sweet fragrance of fresh Mango and blend of Milk. Must try! 

Helmet Diving

Helmet diving is very safe and wouldn't cause you any distress except that the helmet is extremely heavy and my shoulders hurt the entire time even after I came up.

Briefing will be conducted for underwater communication, and a guiding diver will lead you down. Air pressure is definite, so remember to swallow or press your nose!

Heading back to the ground after the session. It was so fun although heavy. Soaking in the cold waters with fishes swimming around was breathtaking. 
Oxygen will be passed via a tube connected to the helmet. As long as you do not tilt your head down, water will not go in. Even if it does, simply stand straight up again so water will flow down. 


ATV is motorised vehicle, similar to motocycle but bigger. Our journey started from the bottom of hill and up we go... destination is Mount Luho - The peak of Boracay and the best view of the island!

The sun was shining really bright that afternoon but all worth it for this view. 

Dear J actually suggested us to do the Titanic style. We didn't make very good models but the scenery made everything looks perfect, isn't? 

Couldn't find the photos for go-karting and sunset sailing. Shall update this in time to come.

Had the first and hopefully last experience - my iphone dropped into the sea before I board the boat for sunset sailing. For a good 10-15 secs. 

Thinking back it was just a mad rush of emotions. The thought of everything just gone was devastating. Was in a lousy mood and just kept praying. Need to thank the companion(s) who suggested ways to make it better. Especially B because I just blamed everything on him. 

Let me just end with this great pizza place - Yellow Cab Pizza. 
We visited this place 2-3 times throughout. 

Food there is pricy except the stalls along the pavement & McDonalds. 
We also frequent this stall with simple food offering. Just rice, sauce, eggs, choice of beef and other option, which is quite good! 

Till Day Three's post. Goodnight owls :) 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Boracay Lovin'

My boredom got over me.. and prompted me to pull a chair to where I am sitting now. Right in front of my 4 year old HP laptop with blogger browser. (/edited: taking a second day to pen down my thoughts)

Let's get started on the topic of TRAVEL. As I grew up, I learnt how beautiful and vast the world is. Love every corner of the Earth that I have been to and putting myself in their shoes made me think how lucky I am.


Boracay, Phillipines.
2 - 7 Mar 2014 (6D5N)
Part 1.1

It was a long journey, not like the flight was unpleasant or there was too much waiting time in between but because we had to travel for almost 6 hours.
p.s: Tigerair flies directly to Kalibo, instead of having to make transfer from Manila years ago. 

(1) 3.5 hrs flight to Kalibo
Every flight fills me in awe - Nature is such an amazing creation, the fluffy white clouds and bright blue sky have some kind of magic that makes me happy and peaceful :)

After clicking away on my camera, I took a nap and curled up in my seat so I can be more refreshed when I land.

The Kalibo airport is simple with most basic necessities available, except that food is limited.
Right outside the airport (probably on your left), there'll be a booth selling SIM CARD (with data)!
Did I hear someone scream life saver?

Upon stepping out of the airport, the locals will approach you to sell you tickets for your remaining journey because you cannot get it anywhere else.
Do note that the price is somewhat fixed among all of the vendor. We realized that they actually charged more when you reach compared to when you leave.

(2) take a 2hr bus/van ride to Caticlan*

The vendor will arrange your transport to Caticlan ferry terminal, which is a 2 hour ride there.

To and fro the journey, you'll see run down homes to well built and decorated properties. These standalone house seemed so vulnerable to the weather. Then I wondered how could people allow their fellow mankind to live in such conditions?

There was alot of vegetation/plantation as well.. with black cows roaming around. Travelling around gives you a different form of experience that you can never get in the city life.

*At Caticlan, you'd need to purchase some tickets before taking the ferry.
(i) Environmental fee (ii) Terminal fee (iii) Boat/Ferry Tickets


From here, you'd need to (3) take a 15 mins ferry ride to Boracay. Heard that the ferry leaves every 5 mins so don't fret about missing one! 

Super hyped to see The White Beach!! Although the sun was setting we were pretty excited for the start of our trip on the island!

If you think we've reached, you're almost there. You'd need to (4) take a 5 - 15 mins motorised tricyle ride (depends on where you stay - Staion 1 to 3, if the driver can find his way and if there's jam along the way) YES JAM because of roadworks + there's only one lane for each direction.

By the time we reached our hotel, JayJays Club, it was almost 8pm (the driver got lost because our accommodation is not visible from main road. Only accessible by a long flight of dark staircase)

Apart from the insects and pool, the room was a comfortable hut. Feels more like a shared bungalow then a hotel.
Food has to be ordered at least one day in advance for them to prepare.. so we racky around the vicinity for food, convenience store, beach etc.

From the main road we couldn't find the beach so we settled for a quick diner - Andok's Chicken! It was cheap but not filling if you order one portion.