Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How time flies, I haven't log onto this domain using my laptop for ages that I forgot my email address.
That's the thing about creating multiple ones for different use - you end up forgetting.
Anyhoo, all I wanted to do was to write my thoughts on Boracay.

Till the next sharing!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

If there's one place in this vast world that I want to be, it would definitely be Europe.

As I watch the series of Truimph in the Skies 2 and listen to the classics playing as the background music, I dream of myself in Europe. Enjoying the scenery, landmarks.. Everything looks amazingly beautiful. 
The only downside are probably language barrier, pickpockets, high living costs and employment rates. 

I wish to immerse myself in the rich culture of Europe by living in the country for a year at least. More determined than ever to study there hopefully. Dream a little dream of me. 

Before I can make it to Europe, anyone out there who is a fanatic like myself? 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

I missed out writing for the past months, since December 2012 I reckon. I wish I have sufficient pictures and information to pen about. A part of my memories is gonna to be left in my brain. 

For now, I shall recall the 4 months that I spent working in a bank. Never thought that I would ever work in one because it is a totally different field from what I studied. Although the older traditional generation always proclaim that working in the bank is good & safe. 

It was pretty tedious and mundane. Because of the complicated process and various departments. Boy, someone new would totally be overwhelmed. I took over the role at the headquarters fortunately because i always wanted try working at the CBD area, with the view of Singapore's skyline. 
Anyway, it was a fulfilling experience - ups and downs. No regrets because I enjoy learning different new things. Also made new acquaintances who really helped me throughout. 
I think i kinda lost the skill to make friends and communicate. It is bad that sometimes when I am free, I rather coop at home instead of having the fun I dream to have.. 

Well fate will bring me to where God has planned for me to go. 

Since I have decided to embark on new journey with another company, God will guide me along the way and hopefully things will run smoothly as I planned. Life is rather in order: checked. To save money for future/travel/materialistic wants: progressing.

Until the next time when i am available, I may spam a pictorial of my Dec 2012 trip to Bangkok and April 2014 trip to Bali! I have a week of rest day before taking on the new job. Suppose it's too last minute to plan a short trip. I love traveling and my dream is to visit Europe for a long holiday! 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Do you know that Singaporeans spent 12% more shopping online in 2013 than 2012? - Paypal

Today i chanced upon a social media page that introduced something that everybody would love. Shopping!
Shopping is definitely a necessity - fashion, entertainment, household. Everyone has a different lifestyle.. 
I love shopping because of the instant thrill of grabbing it off the racks and my heart screaming inside "Yay it finally belongs to me!!"

Impulsive wouldn't be the word for me because I take time to consider if I would really use the product, the frequency of usage and price. During the "consideration period", I tend to spend more time on window shopping to search for the best deal in town so I could avoid the feeling of regret. Cognitive dissonance.

Do you consider yourself as a smart shopper? Maybe not yet, but after the end of my post, you definitely would!! 

Personally I have experienced countless times when I bought an item at its normal price but to face disappointment after a few days/weeks when there's a sale. That frustrated moment of "What a waste, I could have save some bucks / spent it elsewhere". 

Purchasing power for a 20 year old diploma fresh grad into the business world: average. Of course I would want to make my dollars worthy. Who wouldn't? 
At this age cycle, I barely find time to window shop freely due to the 9-5. Perhaps you are in the same predicament too?

NOW, here's the catch: With save22.com.sg we can put our concerns aside!! It displays the promotion ad in different categories via its website.

It's convenient, hassle free and saves your dollars while being able to buy what you need/want! The best part: the website is updated daily!! You can also click 'nearby promos' so you can even grab stuff nearby when at the last hour.

Now you can stitch the hole in your pocket and satisfy your shopping demand! (:

disclaimer: photo from google/screenshot from save22.com.sg

Monday, February 18, 2013


Developed the ability of being nocturnal in the past three months of staying up late for the sake of projects. Suffering from the side effects of panda eye now..

Ended my three years of tertiary life last week, without a bang unfortunately. The celebration of learning (COL) fell on Valentines' Day, actually thought that I could attend it before joining the boyfriend for dinner but he booked out earlier than expected.
So had to forgo the last and only formal marketing event with my mate (if you ever read this, I am really sorry for 'abandoning' you)

Now that the planned education has rounded up. I am quite lost. Reading all that tweets or browsing pictures of friends in university made it a little more confusing. I don't have someone to ask about university (business/marketing) stuff - can't recall anyone. No idea about which university to take up (not smart enough to meet the standards of the top few, can't go overseas to study, don't know which is good).
I have so many things in mind to do but lack of a push..

Shall go dream about my life from now on, hope you've luck with yours too! :)